Friday, May 23, 2008

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Psycho Karaoke said...

Great cartooning skills as usual! You've got your talents and everyone has some I suppose (or strengths and weaknesses) Just want to ask u if you have any idea if Louie Paul is still living in Punchbowl, doesn't seem so on my internet searches. Surprising in this day and age of Facebook! By the way I did "love Jake" because as u know u get more relaxed after 2 wines! When I'm sober I'd say he was a rare person who really respected people he liked. So positive with them, rarely criticising. A bit of a charmer, and an ego but really treating his friends well.


Psycho Karaoke said...

Hi, it's hard to post a comment when you've had 2 wines

Macca said...

Hi Rob how the devil are you? Still drawing? Get in touch m8.